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As my journey continues as a student of JavaScript at The Hacking School, I wanted to take user input from command line to make simple programs to test my skills. That is when it struck me that there is no direct way to take user input in JavaScript.

As a language which is built for the web, command line input is not a built-in functionality of the language.

As I researched further I found that NodeJS has built-in module readline which may solve my issue, but on further reading , I found that it requires extensive understanding of asynchronous behavior…

As a student of JavaScript when I started to learn more about arrays, I was amazed by all the JavaScript array helpers.

We don’t have to do the manually build our own algorithms for some common operations in arrays, JavaScript has some built in functions for that.

Java script arrays are list like objects or we could say that arrays in JavaScript is like a flat Object. Array prototype has several useful methods we can use like simple to complex operation on it.

I this post I will try to introduce you about 6 of the most useful and amazing…

CSS specificity is the one thing which will keep us wrong even after we thought we understand the topic. Every time our styling doesn’t work the way we want. We come across the term CSS specificity.

The different weights for selectors may be the reasons it make it difficult to understand the specificity topics well.

When two conflicting CSS rules apply to the same element browser has some rules to decide which one is the winner and which rule to apply. …

I am the part of THE HACKING SCHOOL offline batch at Feb 2021. What I learned about MERN stack is quite captivating, so just thought to share with you guys.

MERN is a opensource JavaScript stack which allow us to create a full fledged web application from scratch. It uses four opensource technologies MongoDB(M), Express(E), React (R) and Node.js (N). Lets look up on these technologies in order to get a better grip on the MERN stack.


Hisham Thavarakkadan

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