MERN a Quick Introduction

I am the part of THE HACKING SCHOOL offline batch at Feb 2021. What I learned about MERN stack is quite captivating, so just thought to share with you guys.

MERN is a opensource JavaScript stack which allow us to create a full fledged web application from scratch. It uses four opensource technologies MongoDB(M), Express(E), React (R) and Node.js (N). Lets look up on these technologies in order to get a better grip on the MERN stack.


what we can say about MongoDB its the future of Database. As their official document says.

MongoDB is a general purpose, document-based, distributed database built for modern application developers and for the cloud era.

It posses all the powers of a relational database and more. MongoDB store data as objects all the program is handling data as object so why not the database. We write our queries is JSON so no string concatenation for us. The developers of MongoDB believes that most natural way of storing data is JSON like documents.

Express js

Express is a back end framework for Node.js. With express we could build web application and API. Express serves as a server in the restaurant it make sure that proper communication is done between front end and back end, with out express there is no connection. I other words we could say that Express is a JavaScript framework which help to write server program for our web application.


Ever wonder why some web-sites are so much responsive than others, the big secret is they might be using react.React is a JavaScript library whose sole purpose is to build beautiful user interfaces. When ever you need to get some user interaction use react, those no reload web page changes will take your users heart. React let us build interactive web pages with JavaScript.


JavaScript is originally made for the browser as the language expand people asked why not use it in back end and the answer to that specific question is Node.js. It is a event-driven JavaScript runtime environment which runs JavaScript code outside a web browser. It is designed to build scalable web application.

Now I guess you have a fair amount of understanding about MERN stack, by learning about these stack I recognized one thing that JavaScript is helping us to focus on the important.

A language should be a tool to make great innovative ideas to feasible products, it should accelerate that process don’t pull it back. So all these framework will help us to build our products rapidly in these fast paced world.

I just hoped you learn something from my post.

Bye :)

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